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We scale purpose

driven startups

When the top 1% of purpose driven brands need more B2B deals, they come to us.
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Founders Factory, GoogleforStartups, SONDR, Solskin & more are already growing with LFG
Di MacDonald
Director | The Dot Group

"LFG is f**g amazing. They have a unique ability to be able to drive crazy results for their clients as they are one step ahead. They use the latest ai tools for seamless lead gen + for B2B client acquisition"

Hilary Xherimeja
Founder | SONDR

"Working with LFG exceeded expectations, we’ve had massive growth as a business thanks to their work. Saved me so much time, I was able to focus on my business"

Michael Travers
Founder | Mica Living

"LFG has been an amazing partner in getting us predictable new cost-effective leads, customers & increasing our ROI"

Yasmine Cheikh
Founder | Cloth Project

"Working with the LFG team has been a great experience. Without question I would recommend LFG to anyone in the e-commerce industry"

Lucy Greenleaf
Founder | Leaf Group

"Working with LFG has been seamless, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone in the e-commerce space"

Head of Community | Stride VC

"LFG is powerhouse team and force to be reckoned with with a super smart engaging and collaborative approach to growth"

Our Solutions

Purpose driven startups and scale-ups come to us to get to the moon. We help them to optimise each part of their revenue growth rocket to ensure they scale the fastest and win the deals in their market.

Scalable B2B customer acquisition strategy & systems


Sales Strategy

Your mapped-out route
Get a consultation on how to create high-converting sales assets and leverage them for outbound campaigns with our proven "value first" approach.
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Outbound systems

The fuel in the rocket
Build a top-of-the-line outbound infrastructure to unlock rapid growth and high volume while sustaining long-term scaling efforts.
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Revenue Operations & Ai driven outreach campaigns


Revenue operations

Make the rocket go faster
Skyrocket your sales and maximise deal flow with CRM automations, nurture sequences, & tight feedback loops between your sales and marketing
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Leveraging Ai

Future proof the rocket
Enhance automated inputs and skyrocket results by leveraging AI to create hyper-targeted campaigns at scale.
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We deliver guaranteed new B2B deals for purpose driven startups & scale-ups on a pay per meeting basis

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You can do your best work

  • Get a reliable flow of qualified meetings  
  • Speak to people not currently in your network
  • Easily see campaign performance and ROI
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Because we do the hard work

  • Your team just have to focus on acing the sales calls
  • We build a live and targeted audience just for you
  • With live campaign performance and notifications
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Why choose Lets Fearlessly Grow?

Our results are unrivalled & the proof is in our community of happy clients

Trusted by 50+ high growth startups making a positive impact

In-house team

  • No new customer predictability
  • Not flexible working hours
  • Generalist or specialist in one channel
  • Expensive and time consuming

Lets Fearlessly Grow

  • Predictable, scalable new customers
  • Only pay per successful meeting with your ICP
  • Expert team from high growth startups
  • Weekly calls and in-person meetings 24/7 Slack channel
  • Growth at scale sending 2500 + emails per day
  • Monthly community breakfasts with leaders sharing knowledge on growth
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Other agencies

  • Burning cash on small scale lead gen
  • No optimising growth process
  • Remote team and poor communication
  • No understanding of high growth metrics or proactivity
  • No community, or knowledge sharing between clients and leading industry figures
"Lets Fearlessly Grow is powerhouse team and force to be reckoned with, a super smart engaging and collaborative approach to growth"
- Robina,  Stride VC

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